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Century 21 Block/Estate Management

As property owners ourselves, we have first-hand experience of poor estate management and the impact it has on leaseholders and property valuation. You want partners you can trust to provide you with good customer service as well as value for money.

Century 21 Block/Estate Management is born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo and a belief there is a better way of managing property.

Our promise Ė Good Value in Block/Estate Management Ė sets us apart. It's about delivering a quality service and value for money, by experienced and committed professionals with integrity.

Our philosophy is "to care for your property as though we lived there". We put ourselves in your shoes.


Good with management

Tried and tested effective estate management bringing different disciplines together in order to meet key legal and accounting milestones.

Good with maintenance

We believe the standard of property maintenance directly affects the value of any development - and its residents' enjoyment of it.

Good with money

It's your money we're looking after, so we set credible budgets and critically examine all expenditure regularly to ensure we are achieving the best value.

Good with the environment

We are committed to delivering an estate management strategy which actively reduces the environmental impact of developments we manage.

Estate Management Services

  • Plan of action
    Property managers develop a detailed plan tailored to the needs of each property, and then proactively manage each process, ensuring all milestones are met. Bringing together the many different disciplines that are required for successful estate management, the action plan is monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Realistic budgets
    We donít set unrealistic budgets, because whilst itís easy to quote a low service charge, the challenge is delivering consistently high standards of management within that charge. The service charge pays for essential services for an entire year, and contributes to a fund for future major works, so if the money runs out things don't get done.
  • Site inspections
    Property managers will visit each development to carry out regular Quality Site Audits. Covering all aspects of the scope of services for the property, these allow us to flag up any issues and address them quickly and professionally so that they donít become a problem. Site inspections are all about making sure everything is correct.
  • Routine maintenance
    Routine maintenance can cover anything from gutter clearing to testing the emergency lighting with some elements requiring daily attention while others are checked annually; the schedule for this work will be tailored to suit each site according to what is necessary. We develop and implement planned maintenance schedules for individual sites and tender key works to ensure value for money.
  • Contractors
    We will arrange and administer all contracts for the supply of utility services, cleaning, lighting, gardening, security, safety and a range of other services as dictated by the estate. In addition, we oversee all major contract work and manage specialist professionals and contractors when needed. Thanks to our experience and our expert staff we are able to scrutinise contracts and extract the best value for money for our clients.
  • Specialist contractors
    When specialist contractors are required, we engage only those who have been approved to our panel. This process ensures suppliers are capable of completing work to the required standard, that they maintain appropriate and current insurance and that they comply with Health and Safety regulations. We check previous works, obtain references, and review completed work to monitor quality control.
  • Reactive works
    Our caretaking staff conduct regular walk-around of every development, which means that we are more likely to detect problems as they occur Ė allowing us to deal with them much faster, and delivering preventative maintenance to the site. Crucially, details such as maintaining stocks of items such as light bulbs, specialist cleaning materials and key fobs can also be better managed with regular visits.
  • Communication
    Estate managers make regular visits to site, attend resident and company meetings and AGMs as required and are always happy to meet with residents to discuss concerns they might have. Our staffs work to strict timetables in relation to communicating property-specific information including financial updates and major works programmes.
  • Money management
    Whilst our highly dedicated team of caretakers and porters are making sure the properties we look after are well maintained, clean and tidy it is our finance team who are safeguarding your money. Service charge funds are held in separate interest-bearing accounts and are verified annually by an external accountant. Our qualified and experienced accountants are an integral part of the property management team, and work closely with the estate manager to ensure finances are properly recorded, managed and reported. Century 21 follows best practice when it comes to service charge accounting, so for each estate that we manage, budgets are produced before each financial year and finalised accounts prepared at the end. We never forget it's your money we are looking after, so we work hard to ensure everyday value for money, and that adequate provision is made for future major works at each development.

Block/Estate Management Fees

We offer competitive fees and best value for money. Our fees are calculated and presented after a thorough assessment of the building requirements and management needs have been taken into account. We pride ourselves on our transparent and consultative approach.

We offer three packages, a basic no-nonsense package, a premium package suitable for luxury developments and a bespoke or half way house solution for specific estates.


We follow guidance under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by the Common hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) upon the manager relating to information to be provided to flat-owners, reasonableness of costs and formal consultation procedures.

We adhere to the RICS UK Residential Property Standards (aka the blue book), recognised within the agency profession as the industry standard, set out mandatory requirements and recommended best practice in the UK.

We adhere to the RICS Service Charges Residential Management Code which sets out best practice for the management of residential property in England where a service charge is payable.

About Us

Internationally renowned estate agents Century21 signed a franchise deal with Home Coast Ltd (HCL) in Gibraltar on 21st August 2012. A Gibraltar based company that specialises in property sales and rentals, property management, commercial sales, acquisitions and new developments. This unique global brand combines a wealth of worldwide experience with local market expertise, which offers a fresh and dynamic approach for both global and Gibraltar based customers.

The Century21 global network currently has more than 117,000 sales professionals located in over 6950 offices in 76 countries and territories worldwide.

Century21 Gibraltar provides the opportunity by tapping into the 'big company' experience and client base to ensure that customers receive true value for money.